Beautifying Halifax

Our town’s Beautification Committee is gearing up to have Halifax sharp and smiling.

Currently, the committee is made up of three people—Chair Candace Kniffen, Secretary Greg Cowan, and long-time member Amy Troup. Together they have coordinated efforts to beautify Halifax. This spring, they’re encouraging groups and individuals to clean up Halifax’s public areas again.

“What inspires people is getting together,” Greg articulated. “It’s how we do things, as humans.” That’s exactly what the committee hopes to achieve. That neighbors and friends and communities cooperate to meet a common and important goal.

The Beautification Committee is going to make that easier on the volunteers this year, by supplying them with bags at no cost. Details for where and when to pick up the bags will be available in the coming weeks. So be on the lookout in future Buzz releases.

They also have officially registered to participate in The Great Massachusetts Cleanup on behalf of Halifax. Spear-headed by Mansfield Selectman Neil Rhein, the operation is a statewide effort to reintroduce cleanliness to our streets, parks, and towns. Earth Day is April 22nd, but the big cleanup will happen on April 28th.

In the meantime, the committee will meet with Halifax Elementary School PTA to brief them on committee plans, to enlist their support, and to solicit suggestions or ideas. That’ll happen at the end of February.

Hoping that some of our friends and neighbors will come on board, in groups or individually, to clean up Halifax this April 28th! Before and after that date is wonderful, too! The next Beautification Committee Meeting will be on February 12th at 1:00pm in the Halifax Town Hall. Amy, Candace, and Greg welcome anyone to sit in on that meeting.

If you want to become a member of the committee, volunteer, or share pictures of your cleanups, you can email Candace at or call 781-293-3147. You may also complete a  Town of Halifax Talent Bank Form