You’re Invited ~ As Yet UnNamed ~ Interactive Brockton Art Project

As Yet UnNamed ~ Interactive Art

Artist: Jacquelyn Rose
Oil on Canvas
“As Yet Unnamed,”  is an interactive art project which features an empty book and other images that speak to the artist about the library experience. The work will be completed  and named using the reactions of Brocktonians to the artwork.
Collecting reactions in person:
We have collected reactions April 18 – 23, 2022  at Brockton Public Library
April 25 – 29, 2022 Brockton City Hall,  infront of the Mayor’s Office
and from Mr. Flanagan’s art classes at Ashfield Middle School
Our last stop in person is at Frist Friday Brockton Cable Access  (BCA) 1 Main St. 6-7:30pm on Friday June 3. Please come visit, say “hi,”  and contribute to this art project and a community collage we are starting that night.  Refreshments served.
Jacquelyn is gathering reactions and using the input to complete the artwork and name it.  
Once completed, the painting will be added to Brockton Public Library’s permanent collection, a communication between the artist and Brocktonians.
Sponsored by the Brockton Public Library.
If you can’t make it to BCA, please feel free to submit your response to the painting below: