Art Sustains Us…South Shore Indie Music Festival

Come spend the day with us at  “3-D” indie music festival (music * craft * nature) June 11 * Fuller Craft Museum
Saturday, June 11, 12:00 – 8:00 pm
Tickets $15 by May 27; $25 at the door includes access to the Museum and the Music Festival
Film Festival:
12:00 pm  Screening of Bikes vs Cars
1:30 pm    Panel Discussion with Glynnis Ritter, one of the film producers (via skype from Sweden); Pete Stidman, Founder and former director of the Boston Cyclist Union; Kioko Mwosa, President of the Blue Hills Cycling Club; Michelle Cook, Co-Founder of Black Boston Cyclists/ Roxbury Rides; and Deb Roher, a bicycle advocate from New Bedford/Fall River.
2:30 – 8:00 pm
The SolarCity Sustainable Film Series continues with other films: The True Cost (responsible fashion); Reuse. Because You Can’t Recycle the Planet; and We the Tiny House People, and more.
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“The bicycle, an amazing tool for change.  Activists and cities all over the world are moving towards a new system.”

Fuller Craft Museum has partnered with Equal Exchange, Project Green Schools, and SolarCity to program sustainability films, tiny talks, craft activities, demos, and guest speakers that will share information about lessening our environmental impact on the earth for future generations.  Come see a large interactive communal sculpture designed by artist Duken Delpe out of recyclable materials.  The day includes:  food trucks, craft beer, craft activities for adults and kids, vendors, artist interviews, sustainability talks/films, and artwork inside and outside of the Museum.  People come to the Museum, lie outside on blankets, view the artwork, enjoy the nature, and listen to music with friends and family.

 The theme for this year’s festival is sustainability.  In keeping with that theme, the festival also features films, crafts, and guest speakers that will share information about lessening our environmental impact on the earth and future generations.  This year the festival will feature some of the region’s best live bands performing edgy, original music:  Aldous Collins, Chachi Carvalho, Will Dailey, Shea Rose, Wheat, The Quins, Hayley Thompson-King, Christina Alexander, Grace Morrison, Sadie Vada, The Parkington Sisters, Ada, Jenna Lotti, Christa Gniadek, Emily Grogan, Shane Tyler, The Wolff Sisters, Bruvs, Dark Matter, and Carlston Wood and the Wood Street Band.  Visit us online for a complete schedule of programming.