A Message from Bridgewater Raynham High School Key Tree Program

Dear Greater Bridgewater / Raynham Community,
The past few years I have been running a holiday shop out of my classroom. This is for all high school students. I offer gently used, donated, or re-gifted items for students to wrap and give as gifts to family (they cannot shop for themselves nor can they get items for BR friends or staff members). The available items have come to be known as “key items”. Everything is free to students but they must have a coupon to exchange for an item. Coupons are available to all students.
The shop survives on donations from family, friends, and colleagues. In the past, I have had an overwhelming response from the BR faculty (from all schools). The feedback I have received has been nothing but positive. Last year over 500 high school students “shopped” at the store (fondly called the Key Tree) where we “sold” over 1000 items. This year I am hoping for help from the community.
Now is your chance to do something with those gifts you received that you never quite liked, or the time to realize that you have too many coffee cups, ties, or picture frames. Maybe you have that mother-in-law that buys you the same pair of gloves each year, or you bought your son all the Bob the Builder toys just in time for him to move on to Thomas the Tank Engine. Maybe you purchased 3 monopoly games because “they were a good deal” or, if you are like me, you have bags of clothing, just waiting to return to Marshalls but it’s now been over a year. Maybe you love to paint, knit, or build things and would love to see your hand-crafted items in the hands of someone that loves them. All of these items are perfect!!! Thank you in advance for your time and your donations.
With a group of BR student volunteers we will be collecting key items at the high school on Saturday November 3 and Saturday November 17 from 8am-11am. Please make note of the following items that we do not accept:
  • Anything broken, dangerous, having missing parts, or inappropriate for school
  • Any item larger than a bread box (kids have to carry these key items home!)
  • Any previously opened cosmetics, nail polish, perfume, paint, food items, soap, shampoo etc.
Student volunteers will be checking your donation at the drop off as we are unable to dispose of items deemed unusable. Please be sensible regarding donations and remember, these items will be given as gifts.
Examples of key items:
  • Hand towels/oven mitts *Kitchen tools *Vases, knickknacks *Framed pictures
  • Costume jewelry *Writing paper *Sports memorabilia *Ties *Picture frames
  • Candles *Coffee cups *Toys and games (please check condition)
  • Books *Stuffed animals (please wash) *Purses/bags/wallets *Snow globes
  • Brand name clothing *Scarves/hats/gloves *Shoes/slippers/socks
Thank you in advance for your donation!
Sincerely, Angela Kendall Bridgewater Raynham Regional High School 166 Mt. Prospect Street, Bridgewater, MA 508-279-2140