A Letter of Thanks to those who Participated in Earth Day:

We, the Halifax Beautification Committee, want to thank everyone who participated this “Earth Day” week in helping reduce the litter in our town, culminating in yesterday’s “Great Massachusetts Cleanup” in conjunction with over 100 communities state-wide.

We particularly appreciated the contributions of the Boy Scouts, the Brownies, the Silver Lake Key Club, the Well Community Church, and others who came as families to help. We’d like to thank Steven Hayward and the Highway Department for their help in picking up large items and full bags, and for the gloves. The support and assistance of the Fire Department, Police Department, Town Administrator Charlie Seelig and the Board of Selectmen also proved invaluable. Special thanks also to C-Mac Services for donating the dumpster and the United Way for bag donations. Finally, thanks to Neil Rhein, Founder and Executive Director of Keep Massachusetts Beautiful, for sharing his experience and guidance throughout the planning process.

Yesterday is a powerful example of what can be accomplished when a community comes together to address a shared value. It is estimated that more than 100 people participated! The Beautification Committee looks forward to using this experience as a springboard for future action to raise awareness and encourage personal responsibility to prevent continued littering. Any suggestions you may have to help achieve this would be greatly welcomed.

Greg Cowan, Candace Kniffen, Amy Troup,Tom Fitzgerald, Jeanne Kling

Images Courtesy of the Beautification Committee