Winter Dances Starting Soon!

Looking forward to Winter Community Dances Starting January 19, 2018
Bridgewater Senior Center

The December 16th dance began with two folk dances. Kortanc (from Hungary), which had been learned by the dancers several weeks ago. Second, Les Saluts (from France), which featured a circle with a basket hold—very cozy!

A little bit of holiday magic followed with the Jingle Bell Mixer. The dance morphed into a progressive, double circle formation and danced the Siege of Carrick. Two contras followed: Washing Day, a traditional longways dance, and Old Time Elixir, a Becket formation dance.

Everyone took an extended break to enjoy some special holiday treats, thanks to those who contributed to the snack table.

The Butterfly: Community Dance Bridgewater

To start the second half, they revisited the French circle dance, D’r Maia—a calm way to get moving after the snacking—and then took on the challenge of a progressive trio dance, called Toot’s Trio. This dance featured diagonal do-si-dos and frequent position changes within the lines of three. After the trio formation, they joined in squares and completed two patterns—Carding and the Lazy H.

The evening was brought to a close with two circle dances—the Circle Waltz Mixer and Oh, How Lovely is the Evening. They managed to do this last dance in a round, with three concentric circles.

What fun!

Story and Images Courtesy of Sam Baumgarten Bridgewater Community Dance.

Winter/Spring Dance Series starts January 19th
And continues:
February 2, 16,
March 2, 16, 30, April 6, 20,
May 4, 18, June 1 and 15.

To obtain a registration form or for more information, contact Sam at: 508-697-6848, or 774-208-2933 or