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East Bridgewater Gets a Home BASE for Skating

A new skatepark has come to East Bridgewater and it comes with a unique feature: it’s portable. The park opened on April 8th after years of effort and planning under the guidance of Diane Carey and East Bridgewater Biking and Skating Enrichment (EB BASE). The debut event happened on the common and saw riders of all ages in attendance. There ...

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Running for a Cause

“My father is a retired Randolph Firefigher, as are my Uncle and two of my Great Uncles. My Great Grandfather was a Boston Firefighter, as were two of my Great Great Grandfathers. I think firefighters are some of the most heroic people in the world, and I’m honored to be raising money for a cause that supports them.” That’s Meghan ...

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Halifax Elementary’s Super Fun Fun Run

Halifax Elementary School held their big Fun Run last Wednesday. It was a huge success–and there was no shortage of fun either! The fundraiser will pay for major upgrades to the school playground. The money came from residents, friends, families, and local businesses. All in all, about $29K was raised, almost $10K over the original goal. In the weeks and ...

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