Lisa Evans ~ “The Relationship Code” 3:15 pm

Health & Wellness Symposium
March 19, 2017 Noon- 5 pm

Academy Building, 66 Central Square, Bridgewater

Lisa Evans 


“The Relationship Code” ~ 3:15pm

Lisa Evans Presents

“The Relationship Code™” – 3:15pm

This workshop focuses on the correlation of relationships and influences of our Chakra System.

When you read the WORD “relationship” Your first thought may have been directed towards a relation that you have with another person- ALL Human’s want the maturity in a relationship that comes with time; the emotional connect that develops over years, that TRUE sense of belonging. However real our relationships are, they are first created within and how you feel inside.

We will explore an age old system and learn how to activate this hidden system of thinking, feeling and imagination, to help define a TRUE sense of belonging and clearing obstacles for better outcomes.

In this Fun Interactive workshop Lisa Evans will lead participants into distinguishing this complementary method of thinking, feeling and imagine for support in self-care. You will learn to identify and define seven major chakra’s. Explore the process of creating and balancing better relationships, by removing any blockages for healing within self, people and unwanted habits.

 Lisa Evans of The Body Maintenance Place

Lisa Evans, National Board Certified Massage Therapist and Consulting Hypnotist at the Neck Back and Pain Relief Center; Raynham, MA  A wellness clinic, is dedicated to healing and training individuals to achieve relief in mind and body.   Since 1999, Lisa has helped numerous people receive relief from discomforts caused by stressful and over active lifestyles, sports injury and injury prevention; she has helped couples with fertility challenges and nurtured pregnancies with her work in hypnosis and hypnobirthing.  Lisa is a licensed professional with certification in medical massage, hypnotherapy, and cold laser. She typically helps a variety of clients with issues; including chronic physical injuries and emotional stresses, weight management, motivation, insomnia and support for emotional well-being, . Lisa enjoys educating her clients in the art of the mind body connections as she helps them on their wellness journey. Her clinic, The Body Maintenance Place, Provides Hypnotism, Hypnocoach® and Therapeutic Massage Therapy as well as Laser sessions for pain management services.

 Ms Evans has lectured for World Hypnotism day symposiums and has assisted in many hypnotic stage shows, appearing in print, on radio and television. This is her 3rd year presenting at our Health & Wellness Symposium and is a past president of her Toastmaster’s Club.