Janice O’Brien ~ Bliss Thru Yoga ~ 3 pm

Svaroopa Yoga is a deeply therapeutic style of yoga. It is different from other styles. “With the use of props, precision alignments and hands-on adjustments the poses reach past the deceptive flexibility of the hip joints and release the tensions in the deepest muscles along the spine.” (from http://socalsvaroopa.com) Svaroopa yoga is an easy, gentle, safe and highly effective form of Hatha Yoga. Each class includes postures (asana), breath work (pranayama) and guided relaxation to release and unravel tensions in the spinal muscles. When the tight muscles release, the spine can relax and lengthen. The spine can decompress and release the tensions that cause pain. The poses open from the inside-out, so Svaroopa® yoga is considered “core-opening” ~ a healing style of yoga.
You will notice the benefits in your first class!
Some of the many benefits of Svaroopa yoga you may experience are: deep relaxation, mental clarity, renewed energy, internal centering and healing on many levels.
You may also benefit from physical improvements including: flexibility and circulation, hormonal balance, improved digestion, nervous system and immune functions, reduced pain, easier and more effective breathing
This style of yoga is especially beneficial for those experiencing: chronic back pain, discomfort including sciatica, lower back pain and scoliosis.
A typical class begins and ends with a guided awareness in a relaxation pose called “shavasana”. This is followed by a series of poses using props (blankets, chairs and blocks to support the body as needed). The props offer the needed support to allow the body to fully release deeply-held tension in the muscles. Think of this as “unraveling” the deep-seated layers of tension you hold inside.

Janice O’Brien has been practicing yoga for more than 40 years. Through the years, she has touched on many different genres, but none of them resonated with her the same as Svaroopa.  http://www.blissthroughyoga.com/